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Forms to download

PDFs and MS Word versions of the forms are available below.

Pre trip declaration (PDF)
Pre trip declaration (MS Word)
Printed trip report (PDF)
Printed trip report (MS Word)
Warden application (PDF)
Warden application (MS Word)
Warden renewal (PDF)
Warden renewal (MS Word)

Online Trip Report

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DYO Conservation Advisory Panel

Scheduled as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Dan Yr Ogof is afforded a special level of protection under the Wildlife & Countryside Act (1981). The Dan Yr Ogof Conservation Advisory Panel works with the showcave management team to administer the wild cave that lies beyond the showcaves. Conservation of this unique cave is the primary aim of the panel. Exploration and access to the cave is controlled by the panel working with a team of conservation wardens who accompany the caving trips beyond the showcave.

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People wishing to visit the Dan Yr Ogof Showcaves visitor attraction should consult the showcaves website.